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I am an individual that digs into details and do most projects DIY. Originally I had intended to purchase a system and subcontract the installation.  After much research, I realized that permitting codes and paperwork with the city and SDG&E was going to be more than I wanted to take on.  I was referred to San Diego Solar Install by CED Greentech when I was looking for components. I spoke with the major solar players in the area before contacting Bruce Bosworth of San Diego Solar Install.  I can say that Bruce is a man of his word and got the job done in a fraction of the time that other companies quoted.  The system price was well below that of the competition.  If you are seriously considering Solar and want a knowledgeable, passionate individual that will take the time to get to know you and what you are trying to accomplish, then contact San Diego Solar Install.

First off I want to thank Bruce for helping with our solar system. I had 5 other companies come throw me their sales pitches and was not impressed as they were very pushy and their prices were much higher than San Diego Solar install. I was very impressed by how professional Bruce and his installers were. I really appreciated that he gave me the facts I requested rather than a bias opinion to sway me towards the system he was trying to sell. The installers did a very quick and clean install and took small extra steps that show their pride in their craftsmanship. Bruce made our solar purchase a painless and enjoyable experience!

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"After I spent more than a year trying to get solar installed on my home, Bruce and SD Solar Install got it done in about two weeks! One big solar company (they advertise all the time) even gave up trying to put a solar system on my home after several months of back and forth. I'm really happy they did, because the system I got from SD Solar cost about $8000 less than the ground mount system they were trying to install (they told me a system would not fit on my roof). My system also produces more power! I could not be happier with my solar system, and would highly recommend SD Solar to anyone."

​"I cannot say enough about how great Bruce and Brad have been. We honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience from the very first contact. San Diego Solar Install was recommended to me and my husband by our neighbor after we had interviewed 4 other companies. We actually stopped to ask the neighbor because of how nice the panels looked on his roof. Our neighbor had also interviewed 7 companies before selecting Bruce ad Brad. My husband commented that they have created "a work of art" on the roof. I filled out an online form (recommended as they offer a generous discount for this),

and I received a proposal via email the next day. The proposal was thorough and less expensive than any of the other 4 quotes we had received. I emailed a few questions, Bruce got back to me right away. He met with my husband a few days later and immediately following their meeting, I got a text "This is our guy. No question".

We handed him the first check and signed contract on April 8, Materials were delivered and installation began on April 13. The first inspection was April 22 and passed with no problems. Bruce is a great leader and Brad is a machine! I love that they are a great team and do all the work themselves. It was mesmerizing and inspiring to see them work; they are polite, professional, on time and very good about communicating what they have done, what's happening tomorrow, what the next steps are etc. And the shared work ethic is second to none. Bruce thinks like an engineer and an artist, and is just plain passionate about getting people a system that looks great and performs flawlessly. And Brad is meticulous about making sure the fit and finish of what's installed is A+."

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I had debated about getting solar panels on the house for months. I called a couple of different companies for quotes and they were like used car salesman pushing for leases and over-sized systems. Being an engineer, I had done my research and actually knew more than most of these salesmen, and they still weren't listening. I have a friend that is a roofer and we could install the system ourselves for way less than what these companies were offering. So we looked up all of the pieces that I needed and the total price that would pay for itself in about 4.5 years. It was on the Enphase site that I noticed that San Diego Solar Install was featured several times. I decided to give one more company a chance and that's when Bruce contacted me. Bruce listened to everything that I requested and made suggestions to what could be done to meet my needs. After evaluating doing it myself and getting San Diego Solar Install's quote it just made more sense to go with a professional who would install it faster, safer and guarantee the work for not much more. Bruce had the system installed and turned on in under a week. It feels great to be generating energy and helping the environment and even better to be avoiding SDGE. Especially, after yet another increase in pricing.  Tell Bruce I said Hi if you see him, he's a great guy too.

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The people at San Diego Solar Install did an outstanding  job of installing the solar panels that now adorn our roof. Not only did they create a decisive, strategic plan of how they were going to install it, but they set up the 17 solar panels in just half a day... if even that!  Our solar system was up and running in 2 weeks. Their service and solar panels themselves are A+ quality. They are extremely affordable, friendly and perform professionally.  We firmly recommend them if you are even remotely interested in reducing your carbon footprint in the world, of course saving money and also not wanting to pay the local electric company as much as possible. The best thing is that you get to own your own solar panels. Why would you want to lease them when you can own them? San Diego Solar Install allows you to do that. Bruce Bosworth and San Diego Solar Install, is a reliable, trustworthy and honest company! Everyone who's worked with Bruce will tell you that he is passionate about his work and knowledgeable - very easy to talk to! If you need solar, for the best price and quality work, the only way to go is with San Diego Solar Install! 

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"We met with at least 6-10 solar companies trying to find something that would work best for us. Most companies sent out a salesman and made it feel very salesy. Being that my husband is an electrical engineer, he was considering doing the install himself. When Bruce met with us, it was apparent that he knew what he was talking about, that he had installed the systems himself and was not just a salesman. It was evident that he is passionate about solar installation because of the green aspect and not just doing it to make money. He was thorough with both follow through and communication. Brad actually did the installation and was top notch as well.
Other companies quoted a 3-6 month install, Bruce and Brad had it done in less than 30 days from our first meeting. And the system they quoted us was far less expensive than any other company (and so far it is clear we didn't need a larger system). The system we got was far less expensive than any other option and we couldn't be happier."

​"I hope this review can help someone who is trying to decide on which solar
Company to select. I am a professional business owner and investor. Before I make an investment such as purchasing a Solar System for my home I thoroughly investigate the company, the products, and their support. After doing the research, reviewing all the informative material about the proposed system and talking with Bruce, the owner, I decided I wanted to have him come to our home first. And after meeting him in person and seeing his knowledge, the system he had designed, along with the equipment to be installed and his non-pushy approach, I made the decision on the spot to go with him and his company. I couldn't have been more pleased with the installer. Brad did an excellent job taking extraordinary care to make sure the installation was perfect and took great care when walking on the roof not to damage any of the tiles along with going the extra mile with the piping to make it as unnoticeable as possible. The installation also was done ahead of schedule and in my opinion couldn't have gone smoother. In this day and age it is unfortunately rare to have this type of premium service from all the members of the business team together. I couldn't be more pleased and would recommend them to any of my neighbors and friends.​​Bruce and Brad are the excellent lead team of SDSI. They are professional and do excellent work. After doing some research on residential solar systems, I was initially concerned about various possible problems arising with such a large project. However, SDSI did a fine job at every phase of the operation. The project was performed in a timely manner and at a competitive cost. I was informed every step of the way about what to expect, and each stage of the project went Reviews on Google full list of reviews link the way it should have. From the initial contact to the installation of the racking system, the panels, the micro inverters, the wiring and the new electrical panel, it all looks and operates very well. I highly recommend SDSI to anyone who is interested in installing a residential solar system. If I ever have the need for another solar system (perhaps on another home), I will definitely contact SDSI to have the work done. Thanks Bruce and Brad!"

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