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The Ensemble AC coupled Encharge solar storage batteries (Coming Soon) or "Time of use" TOU batteries from Enphase Energy are a very exciting development in solar energy. It's also about emergency backup. The Ensemble system allows  "PowerShifting  your solar energy daily". "Adding AC coupled batteries to any new or existing Enphase IQ solar system is like turbocharging your solar investment". Here is how it works. New AC coupled batteries store the excess solar energy every day and shift it to the night time or when you are using more energy than producing energy. This way you avoid expensive energy rates and bank your solar energy daily. You can easily add these new solar batteries to existing Enphase IQ solar power systems or include it with your new solar power purchase with the Federal tax credit. The new AC coupled solar battery system is much more flexible and safe than single large emergency only battery back up systems on the market today. The Enphase Ensemble AC coupled battery system comes with Encharge Power management. The new Encharge IQ Envoy provides powerful software to manage solar production and consumption data from your solar system along with the state of charge in your AC solar batteries. You can easily customize it from any smart phone computer or tablet. The 30% Federal Tax credit is good for solar storage batteries currently. Get your solar panels now and add the Ensemble solar batteries when they become available. Expect the Ensemble Encharge solar storage batteries in 2020.