New AC Batteries
Micro inverter Specialists

This the new "RMA" or Renewable Meter Adapter available thru SDGE. This device allows solar installations without very costly and time consuming service upgrades. 

San Diego City and County are Pro Solar and provide permits quickly and FREE in the county.

  • All Interconnection paperwork with your power provider. New RMA or Renewable Meter Adapter.
  • Meet with City/County Inspectors and Power Company officials
RMA/Renewable Meter Adapter
Solar Power Repair Services
Solar Experts, Fair Prices, No Pressure

Solar Services

San Diego Solar Install provides all these services:​

  • All systems are custom designed. 
    ​Custom design is critical in solar installations allowing them produce more power and look great.
  •  Permitting & Easy HOA approvals.

New Enphase AC Batteries will work with your existing solar!

  • Solar Power Repair Services 
  • Our CAD designer services deliver better designs that transfer into innovations the city/county inspectors rave about.