San Diego City and County are Pro Solar and provide permits quickly and FREE in the county.

  • All Interconnection paperwork with your power provider. New RMA or Renewable Meter Adapter.
  • Meet with City/County Inspectors and Power Company officials
New AC Batteries
Micro inverter Specialists
RMA/Renewable Meter Adapter
Solar Power Repair Services
  • Solar Power Repair Services 
  • Our CAD designer services deliver better designs that transfer into innovations the city/county inspectors rave about.

Solar Services

San Diego Solar Install provides all these services:​

This the new "RMA" or Renewable Meter Adapter available thru SDGE. This device allows solar installations without very costly and time consuming service upgrades. 

Solar Experts, Fair Prices, No Pressure
  • All systems are custom designed. 
    ​Custom design is critical in solar installations allowing them produce more power and look great.
  •  Permitting & Easy HOA approvals.