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San Diego Solar Install wants to help you own your power, not keep renting it from the power company or a bank.​ We design every system like it's our own home with the best solar materials available. We may not be the cheapest but we are consistantly the best solar installers in San Diego County since 2009. We are proud of our 5 Star reviews on Yelp and Google for 10 years & going strong. 

We don’t offer leases because our average system offers an ROI of 4 to 6 years. Purchasing is a way better deal than paying a lease company for the next 20 years. Unsecured solar loans are easier to get approved for and you will own your own solar power plant in a fraction of the time. All our panels and inverters have 25 year warranties. The solar panels made 30 years ago are still working at 90% efficiency. We convert the dangerous DC power to Safer AC energy up on the roof, keeping the High Voltage DC far away from homeowners and installers permanently. 

Solar Panels(or Modules)
Are the higher wattage panels better? Only if you are using the older DC string or central inverter (big box on the wall) system. The higher wattage panels are more expensive plus often larger and harder to handle. The higher wattage panels are required to overcome the inefficiencies of old DC string inverters. There are add on gadgets designed to make DC string inverters (SolarEdge/Maximizers or Optimizers) more like the new AC micro inverters. AC is safer with no single point of failure. DC is a much more dangerous energy source requiring metal pipe and extensive grounding plus danger labels all over your system. The panels regardless of manufacture are all basically the same. There are no Yugo vs Lexus comparisons. Salespeople will say different but It's like comparing Toyota and Honda. We have tried many brands and other than frame color black or silver and color/shape of the cells Mono or Poly, they are all essentially the same. Roughly the same size, same weight, same efficiencies all are very very close. It's the inverter that makes the AC difference not the wattage or the size or brand of the DC panel. The biggest differences in the panels are their warranties (all still similar). We are currently installing Solaria solar panels paired with the appropriate IQ7+ AC power Micro inverter. String inverters come with a standard 10/12 year warranty. Enphase micro inverters come with a standard 25 year warranty. Remember it's not the higher wattage DC panels you want, it's the highest wattage AC Micro inverters you want. AC power is what you use in your home. Selling DC watts is a sales tactic.
 The inverter has always been the weak spot in solar energy. Micro-inverter based systems address several issues with older string inverter based systems, while improving monitoring and shading issues. The sun produces more energy in one second than human beings have produced in all of our history. In less than a week, the sun sends out more energy than we could make by burning all the natural gas, oil, coal, and wood on Earth. This is why we believe that solar energy is the obvious solution to many of our energy needs today and for decades into the future.

Electric cars are here now, with many more choices on the way. If we can solve our energy dependance problem here at home we can stop defending our dirty energy sources around the world. Tesla cars are made in California! Tesla's new Model 3 travels 300+ miles on a charge and with 0-60 in under 5 seconds performance, it’s a fast as the most expensive cars in the world. We want Americans to make the connection between electric cars and powering them with your home solar energy production system. This solution is not 10 or 15 years down the road, it’s here NOW. Take the first step and eliminate your power bill now. Then add your electric car and stop buying expensive fossil fuels. We at San Diego Solar Install think the future is bright for solar energy.

Let us help you take charge of your energy future.